Give 15% Get 15% - Refer a friend!

Like our products and would like to refer us to a friend? Send him or her 15% off and receive a 15% off coupon when your friend makes a purchase! 

* This referral discount is only valid only for first-time customers who have not registered an account with us or made a purchase with us before. 

How to Refer a Friend?

  • Log in to your account on our website and you will be able to access your rewards tab on the bottom right of your screen.

  • Scroll to the section 'Gift 15% Get 15%' and you may share your personal URL highlighted in blue. You may also personalize your referral code in this section.
  • Copy the URL highlighted in blue or share the link to your friend. 


  • Your friend can follow the link to create a new membership account and receive 400 points for 15% off.
  • Once your friend uses the discount code and makes a purchase at checkout, you will receive a 15% off code in return.


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