Our Story

By Invite Only™ is a Singapore-based jewellery label for the urban sophisticated woman who is on the constant lookout for whimsy in her life. The brand believes that jewellery completes an outfit & works to create pieces that add pizzazz with the promise of wearability. Instead of having collections, the label focuses on producing style-lines that are constantly replenished to give buyers fresh choices. Special collections are reserved for special occasions or collaborations.


We are in the business of helping you add the finishing touch.

We're here for individuals who express themselves through jewellery and express their love through gifts.

The brand produces pieces that pair meaning with make and is constantly in the search for intriguing materials to work with. As we believe that jewellery should exist to embellish and not clutter, our pieces are often easy-to-wear, match and to transit from day to night. We adhere to the policy of having all our pieces hand-crafted. 80% of the pieces you see are hand assembled in the studio while 20% are by hand-picked artisans for their speciality in their area of craft. We do not mass-produce and often, without shame, find joy in telling our customers we sold out and will not be restocking.

Nonetheless, the brand constantly seeks to introduce new designs every couple of months to keep all our lives a little more exciting.


The Branding

The label is largely inspired by the imagery of 18th century circuses and the victorian era in their branding. Not necessarily in literal forms, the label adapted textures and materials that reflect the imagery to create a rustic and quaint feel across its collaterals.

Just like the moving circus of that time, we aim to bring to our audience a array of 'acts' and 'shows' in the form of style-lines and collections to induce awe and wonder. Never taking ourselves too seriously on trends and seasons, we search high and low for beautiful trinkets, minerals and crystals from all over the world to create classic pieces. 

The name 'By Invite Only' thus symbolises a circus not cut out for the masses but for those special few who values passion, hard work and exclusivity in their jewellery.

The Designer

Founder Trixie Khong is a self-taught jewellery crafter. She has been meddling with her father's pliers & hunting for baubles & chains every weekend since she was 16.

While getting her Diploma in Chemical Engineering in Temasek Polytechnic & clad in a frumpy blue jumpsuit, she decided to switch her career path one day on a offshore kerosene distillation plant. She entered the National University of Singapore for a Communications & New Media degree in 2009, and sought the help of a friend, now founder of Bravo to help her with her branding. Four years later, this hobby became a full fledge business stocked in 10 physical and online stores globally.

Trixie continues to hunt for baubles during the weekends and still crafts most of her products herself. With the help of her team of crafters, all her jewellery pieces are handmade with love.

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