Avyanna Terrarium

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This terrarium contains a Clear Quartz crystal. Due to its many uses, it has been called the "Universal Crystal" as it amplifies any energy or intention. When the point faces inwards, you are ushering energy. Likewise, when the point faces outwards, you are clearing energy. 

This terrarium is solely designed and created by Green Banana. Find out more about our collaboration with Green Banana here!

Note: This item will come in a box with instructions for care and dropper for easy watering.

As these terrariums are delicate/fragile and cannot be shipped by regular post, please select a free self-collection option. We will get in touch with you regarding delivery via courier or self pick-up (at our studio only) within 24 hours. 


Crystal: 5cm(L) x 4cm(B) x 6cm(H) Terrarium: 15.5cm(L) x 15.5cm(B) x 15.5cm(H)

Care & Notes

Includes: Clear Quartz Crystal, Plant, Dropper, and Box with detailed plant care instructions.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer returns once item is sold.

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