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Jewellery is not just shiny pretty things. They form part of your identity and they tell your story. They give you your sense of self.

We want to give you the freedom to express your style with the peace of mind that our pieces are safe for sensitive skin. 

About Us
About Us

Our Guiding Principle

All our pieces are made without the toxic 3: nickel, lead and cadmium, that are often culprits of skin irritation. Gift-givers can feel confident that our pieces are safe for children and adults alike.


The Brand

We create "jewellery for every occasion, every invite". Hence the name. Whether it's a date with your beau or brunch with you girlfriends, from the boardroom to cocktail hour, we have a piece to match & complete your outfit.

Our Products


All our pieces are treated with a protective coating and plated with 5x the thickness of industry standard (flash) plating for extended wear.

Clean Jewellery

All our pieces are void of the toxic 3: nickel, lead and cadmium that are often culprits of skin irritation and blood toxicity.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We're produce our jewellery with factories that are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) which ensures that they are fair to workers, no child labour, are ethical, protection to the environment & many more.

Our Story

By Invite Only was started by Trixie Khong in 2009. Growing up with sensitive eczema-prone skin, Trixie is no stranger to how difficult it is to find affordable accessories that doesn't irritate her skin. Coming from humble beginnings, she is not content with expensive 'fine jewellery' as her only option to complete her look. It became her priority to create quality, clean yet affordable pieces for her and her customers to enjoy.

Today, all new suppliers or designs are still tested by Trixie herself to ensure its consistency.


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