Jewellery Care

Delicate care is recommended when handling your jewellery especially with designs that feature thin chains and connections. Here are some basic tips we adhere to:

  • Remove before showering and sleeping to prevent snagging the chains by accident.
  • Wipe with a dry tissue and store in a cool, dry place preferably in a pouch or jewellery box.
  • When wearing long necklaces, take extra care as they may hit tables or snag on car seat belts. 
  • Avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals like detergent, acidic solutions or perfume. 

Restoring Tarnished Jewellery Pieces

If you have jewellery that already shown signs of tarnishing, you can purchase a polishing cloth HERE to physically rub tarnishing off your piece! 
4. Anti-tarnish Squares
These squares are a special absorbent paper that incorporates 3M Tarnish-Shield Technology. This technology is designed to inhibit tarnish or discoloration of metals in transit or storage. They protect jewelry, flatware, serving pieces, musical instruments, trophies and other items. Strips protect silver, nickel, copper, bronze, brass, tin, pewter and gold.
They are completely safe and do not emit any toxic chemicals.
How do they work?
When exposed to surrounding airspace the activated sites immediately go to work scavenging corrosive agents such as hydrogen sulfide (main tarnish causing agent), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide (a secondary pollutant of photochemical smog, also produced in combustion process), ozone, hydrogen, chloride and chlorine and organic carboxylic acid.

How long can each square last?
Not everything is forever, unfortunately. Length of time depends on permeability of the storage or shipping container and the pollution level of the surrounding atmosphere. These estimates may very based on location.

A. Loosely sealed container (Cardboard box)      6 months
B. Moderately tight seal (flap top bag)              12 months
C. Tightly Sealed (zip-lock bag)                       24 months


They are great for every jewellery piece, even if they are not from us!

Watch a video to know more about them!
Has your chains tarnished? 
This is unavoidable as only solid gold and pure platinum will not tarnish over time. Most of what you're paying for your By Invite Only™ piece goes into the quality stones we sourced however the chains and findings are gold plated instead of solid gold. 
We are able to plate your chains (depending on availability) and make them brand new again. We charge the replacement chains at cost (including shipping) without any profit from us. Simply drop us an email at if you are keen to get yours replaced.
We will advise on how to proceed and how much the replacement will cost (about $5 to $15 depending on the type of chain).
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