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Q: How do I apply a discount code to my order?

You can enter any valid discount code at the checkout page. Only 1 code will be valid per purchase.

Please remember to click the 'apply' button for the system to calculate and apply your discount to your order before you complete your checkout. We will not be able to do any discount refunds/rebates if you fail to do so. 

Q: Can I use bank transfer/Paylah!/PayNow payment method instead?

Unfortunately, we are only able to process payment by credit or debit card and will not be able to accept bank transfer payments for orders. Currently, we accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay on our website. 

We also accept payments through PayPal.

If you would like to make a payment using cash, do drop by our store located at Wisma Atria Level 1 #01-43. 

Q: Can I come by your studio to purchase?

Yes, you may come by our studio after making an appointment with us via email. 
We will be sending you an e-invoice and payment can be made through our website. We also accept cash.

Q: I am buying this as a gift, can my recipient exchange for something else if she doesn't like it or if it doesn't fit her?

Yes, your receiver can exchange for something else! Please refer to our Returns page for more information.

Q: Can I pre-order something that is out of stock?

If something is out of stock, there is a chance we may restock it in the future. Do click on the green 'notify me' button on the product page and an email notification will be sent to you once it is back online.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to sell you items that are not manufactured/quality checked and ready for sale.

Q: Can you charge me in my preferred currency?

We will only be able to charge your card in Singapore Dollars. 

Q: How much is this item in my currency? 

You may want to use our currency converter feature at the top right hand of the website beside the cart tab. If your currency is not available, we would recommend logging on to www.xe.com for a manual conversion. 

The store will be charging your card in Singapore Dollars. PayPal will be doing an initial conversion for you. Unfortunately, we will not be able to charge you in your preferred currency.

Q. Can I purchase through WhatsApp or email instead of going through your website check-out?

Sorry, we are only accepting orders through our website. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the checkout process and we will help you as best we can. 

Alternatively, you may want to pop by our flagship store located at Wisma Atria Level 1 #01-43 to shop our pieces in person.


Q: Can you take a picture of what's available and let me choose before I check out online?

We will gladly photograph of the available stocks for you to pick before we ship but we require you to place an order for the item. If you do not like the items pictured, we will gladly cancel the order and issue a credit refund for the item(s) within 3 working days.

Leave a note at checkout and we will drop you an email with the images. We will reply within 2 working days.

Q: Will the stones change colour?

No, the colours of the stone will not change. However, dirt or mould may accumulate on it as it is an organic material. We would recommend storing your jewellery pieces in a dry and dark place when not in use to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Q: Are your stones real?

Items stated as a gemstone on the product page are real gemstones. Otherwise, we would state the material (like cubic zirconia or resin) 

Q: Do you do stone cleansing?

Unfortunately, we are not able to do so as we are not experts in new age stone therapy. All stones are however pre-cleansed with water for hygiene purposes before crafting. 

Q: Can I pass you a stone I have and have you made into a piece of jewellery for me?

Unfortunately, we do not provide 'tailor' like services at the moment. What we have are on our web-store or listed on Instagram.

However, for existing designs, we are able to custom the length for you for most items. If you would like for us to create a longer or shorter necklace or bracelet, drop us an email or text. Charges may apply.

Q: I have sensitive skin, are your products suitable for me?

We have sensitive skin too! All of our products do not contain allergens such as lead, nickel or cadmium. Most of them are also coated with a protective layer to prevent direct contact of metal to your skin. 

If you are sensitive to a particular metal like silver, gold or copper, we would recommend our products listed as 'stainless steel' instead just to be safe.

The metal plating of every jewellery we sell will be listed on the description of each product's page. Do check to make sure you are not purchasing an item with a metal you are allergic to.

Q: I broke my necklace/bracelet/earring but my warranty (14 days) has expired, are you able to repair my piece?

Yes! We offer lifetime repairs for connection and assembly, we will replace any lost parts like jump rings or clasps free of charge. However, shipping costs will have to be borne by the customer. 

We will unfortunately not be able to replace pendants or gemstones for free. If we have the materials available, we are able to replace it for you at cost. Please enquire for availability. 


Q: Will your jewellery tarnish or rust?

Unfortunately, only solid Gold and Platinum will never tarnish hence their hefty price tag. Any sort of plating will eventually tarnish without proper care. 

Most of our jewellery, however, are plated with a tarnish-resistant and sweat-proof coating. This coating makes the jewellery piece hypoallergenic as well as it provides a barrier between your skin and the true metal.

For designs that are coated with this special formula, we recommend not wiping it with a silver polishing cloth or getting it into contact with acidic chemicals like perfume or harsh detergent as it may remove this protective coating causing the item to tarnish.

Q: Can I wash my hands wearing your rings?

We would recommend removing them when you are washing your hands or showering so as to keep it shiny and scratch-free for as long as possible. This will also prevent any damage by accident. 

Q: Can you help me polish a jewellery item I bought from another brand? Can I bring it to your office?

Unfortunately, we are only able to help with designs/jewellery items that are purchased from our store. 

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