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Ways to earn points


Crystal Club Tiers

Quartz Ruby Diamond
Spend per 12 month period Free >$500 >$1500
Members-only promotions
Members-only gift vouchers
Welcome gift
Birthday Gift
Early access to sale
Exclusive events and launches
Special partner-brand perks

Frequently Asked Questions

Quartz and Ruby members earn 1 point with every $1 spent online and in-stores. Diamond members earn 2 points for every $1 spent. Refer to ‘Ways to Earn’ under our Membership page to see all the ways you can earn points.

Simply log in and navigate to ‘My Account’ page. You will be able to view your point balance and your current tier at the top of this page.

Refer to ‘Rewards’ under our Membership page to see all the rewards we offer. If you have enough points, you can click the button ‘Get Reward’ to exchange your points into a reward.

Yes, your points will expire 12 months after your last order online or in-stores, or if you haven’t placed an order yet, from the date of your account creation.

Share your unique link provided in your online account with a friend. Once your friend creates an account via the link, he or she will receive an e-mail with a 15% discount voucher.

You’ll get 300 points ($15 reward equivalent) when she makes her first purchase.

This 15% discount voucher is only valid for first-time purchases and customers who have not registered with us prior.

No, our rewards cannot be combined with another promotion or discount code. You can however use a gift card at the same time as you are redeeming your points.

Yes, you are able to use your rewards at our pop up or event. However, our rewards cannot be combined with existing promotions at the pop up or event.

Yes! All purchases, included those made with a guest account online, are tagged to the email. When you activate your account by registering or adding a password, all your past purchases tagged to that email will be counted into your membership.

Yes, we can do this manually for you. Please note that all signup points from the other account will be forfeited if it is not spent, as signup points are only awarded to first time customers only.

All social follow points will also be deducted from one account and will not be combined into a single point.

The system has been automatically coded to prevent birthday fraud.

A customer will not be awarded points for their birthday this year if they enter a date that is in the next 30 days. They will be rewarded the following year on that date by the system.

However, we would still love to reward you because it is your special day. Simply make a purchase, write in with your order number and a photo of your identity card with details such as name and address matching the shipping or billing address to verify your identity and your date of birth.

We will do a 10% rebate back to your card.
• This one-time rebate will only be valid for orders that are placed day of or the next day of your birthday.
• This rebate will not be valid for orders placed before your birthday.

• This rebate will be processed within 7-14 days and it will be a reversal on the card you've used to pay for that order.

• This rebate is only for people who have not redeemed their birthday rewards in that year.

Yes, you may edit it the same way you've originally entered it in the Birthday Reward section of your customer panel.

However, if your birthday is within 30 days from the day that you’ve updated the system, the 300 point reward will not be triggered.

Unable to recall your password?
Click ‘Forgot your password?’ and key in your registered email address to generate an email to reset your password.

Forgot the email address that was used previously for your account or need more help?

Reach out to our Customer Service Team here.

Please use the following steps to guide you. Image links are provided should you need more guidance.

Step 1. Click on the 'Login' button

Step 2. Enter your details

Step 3. Click on the ‘Crystal Club’ tab on the bottom left of the page

Step 4. Navigate to the 'Earn points' tab. Then, click on the 'Birthday Bonus' option.

Step 5. Update/register your birthday.

Step 6. You're good to go!

Do note that the 300 points will be awarded automatically on the day of your birthday.

If you have updated your details before your birthday and did not receive the points on your birthday, please send us an e-mail to hello@byinviteonly.info with the subject title, ’Birthday Bonus points’.

We will get back to you shortly.

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