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1.  How do I check how many points I have?
After you've logged in to your accounts, there will be a green rewards button on the bottom left of the page. Click on that button to expand the rewards panel and you will see all the information about your points and rewards there.
2. How do I redeem the points/rewards online and at your store?
Once you've earned enough points for a coupon, you will be able to see a green 'buy' button in the rewards panel. You can click on that button to redeem the coupon code. It will also be sent to your email so you can use the code at another time. After you click the 'buy' button, your points will be deducted.
** If you would like to redeem the points at our store, leave them in your account and we can use it directly at our POS system and apply the discount to your order on the spot.
If you have redeemed the discount code online, we will not be able to apply the points at our store as it will be deducted from your account.

3. Do I get points shopping at your flagship store at Wisma Atria?

Yes, you do, it will be the same as shopping online at 1 point for every $1 spent.

4. I just made a purchase, why have my points not been reflected?

It will take some time for the system to log in your purchase and for it to reflect in your rewards panel. The points should be logged within 30 minutes after your transaction, also depending on the internet connectivity of our POS at the moment of checkout. If something is amiss and your points are not being logged accurately after 24 hours, please drop us a text or email and we will help you fix it.

5. Can I share an account with my friend?

I don't see why not. However, when we do private sale events at our flagship store or exclusive events/product launches, only 1 person per member account would be allowed into the event. We highly recommend that 1 person be using 1 account to avoid any confusion in the future.

6. I forgot to apply the discount code shown to me, will you be able to rebate the discount to me?

Unfortunately, we are not able to rebate any discounts if you did not apply it to your order. However, our rewards have a 1-year validity and you can always use it for your next order with us within that time frame

Don't forget to click the 'apply' button beside the discount code field to apply the promotion to your order. Your discounted total will be reflected before you make your payment.

7. If I have multiple accounts with you, can I combine it into one?

Yes, you can! Please drop us an email at info(@) and we will help combine both accounts or do any manual point drops if required.
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