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Crystal Club Membership



1. I've signed up, where can i check my points and redeem rewards?

Thanks for signing up as a new member! 200 points will be automatically credited into your account. Simply:

- Click on the 'Rewards' tab located at the bottom right corner of the website shown below.
- Check your points at 'My Account' tab
- Redeem rewards under the 'My Rewards' tab


2. How do i refer a friend and gift her 15% off her first purchase?

Simply click on the 'Gift 15% Get 15%' tag and you will see your referral code. 
Alternatively, you may want to send your friend a message with the link highlighted in blue. 

You can also opt to change your referral code to anything you'd like for a more personalized touch :)

Once your friend clicks on the URL, he or she may proceed to create an account and get 400 points credited instantly. Once he or she makes a purchase, 400 points will be sent to your account.


3. Will I be able to earn points at your physical stores?

Yes! Your purchases will be tagged to your account and points will be credited to you in 1 hours or less.

4. Will I be able to use my member rewards at your pop up events?

Yes you may! You are able to use your rewards anywhere we have a pop up or event. However, if we are already running a promotion during the pop up, only 1 discount code/promotion is to be used for each order. 

5. Why can't I earn points now when I review your products?

Sorry that you are now unable to receive points for reviews/feedbacks you give on our products as you did before. We have changed to a new loyalty/membership program that gives us tremendous benefits but at the same time, this new platform doesn't synch with our review/feedback app plug-in we have with our store.

We will continue to work with them to enable this feature for our members in the future. In the meantime, we still want to hear from you and hope you would continue to let us know how you feel about us or our products. 

6. What are the main changes between your last membership rules and now?

Here are a list of main changes to our membership rules:

- $300 to reach Ruby tier, instead of $500 before
- Diamond members earn 2X points for each purchase
- 2X points when you shop during your birthday month
- Login at our physical stores using mobile as well as email 

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