Aura Quartz Series



Each piece is unique as nature planned it to be. You may never find 2 very much the same. Each crystal goes through the worst in furnace heat and emerges a beauty in its own right. All crystal clusters are hand-picked and imported directly from Brazil. 

By Invite Only™ only retails such pieces on rare-occasions and at special locations. All other orders are customizations.

For A Special Customization

The process: One-on-one consultations with the designer at a desired location. Choose you rock, discuss your desired look, jewellery piece is then made-to-order just for you.

Types of design: Really depends on what you are looking for. Can be in gold, black, silver or any other types of chains you can think of. Long or short, with or without body pieces? 

Time taken to finish a piece: After consultation, it usually takes about a week to deliver. Urgent requests will be evaluated. If you are keen to import you very own rock from our supplier instead (chose from images), it will take 2 weeks for them to deliver to us and 1 week for production. 

Prices start $450: Prices will depend on size of the crystal cluster, material used in creating the metallic effect and complexity of the design. Urgent orders have additional charges.

What is an Aura Quartz Crystal?


Aura Quartz are Quartz crystals that have gone through a special treatment process. Its surface is coated with precious metals like pure Gold, Titanium, Niobium, Silver, Copper, Platinium or Cobalt. This process involves heating the quartz crystal to extremely high temperatures (800 - 900 degrees Celsius) then adding the purified metal in a vacuum. This causes the metal to permanently bond with the Quartz surface at a molecular level. Despite a thin coating of about 1 micron, it cannot be rubbed or scratched off.


Only the best quality quartz are used to create Aura Crystals as any inferior Quartz crystals will break during the heating and bonding process. High quality Quartz together with expensive metals often make such Aura Quartz Crystals more premium and precious compared to its counterparts. As the metals are naturally bonded, instead of using a dye, the metaphysical properties are enhanced rather than destroyed

Come create a wonderful conversational piece for you or someone else. 
This is not for everybody but only those brave few who break boundaries in fashion.



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