By Invite Only x Green Banana

“Placing crystals in plants is a most harmonious partnership and is nature at her most connected.”

Being a brand that uses crystals regularly, we are always inspired by them. We are constantly on the lookout for applications where we can use these semi-precious stones, and thus sparked our decision to collaborate with Green Banana!

Just like how crystals and plants complement each other with positive energy, we hope to radiate the same vibes to you! The synergy of the two individuals is certainly inspiring.

These terrariums can belong anywhere - your work desk, at home, or in your friend’s possession! Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing, these green friends act as a natural way to purify the stale air around us and raise oxygen levels which leads to increased concentration and productivity of up to 15%(!!). Check out the botany collection and gift someone or reward yourself today!

We have no products in this collection currently. Do check back for updates!

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