A Mother's Day Special with Vickii Ma

May 03, 2017 3 min read

This Mother’s Day, we speak to Vickii Ma, local food and lifestyle blogger, and the chef behind the successful V’s Kitchen. Vickii shares some Mother’s Day tips on how to spoil the leading lady in our lives, as well as what she has in store for a very special year ahead.

Tell us about your passion for food and how V’s Kitchen came about.
Growing up, I was always interested in food. I enjoyed the process of creating, eating, and photographing food. When I was 17, I decided to sell my bakes during the summer holidays to earn some extra pocket money… and that grew into a business! I am also often inspired by the food I've had overseas and attempt to recreate those dishes in my own kitchen.

And what are you plans for your brand this year?
This year, my focus is on growing my business and creating more food, travel, and lifestyle content for various brands I’m lucky to be able to travel a fair bit for work this year, and I will be working alongside other creatives in several collaborations, which I find rewarding and inspiring. I will also be launching a food business soon!

Did your mum influence your interest in food?
Interestingly, she can't cook or bake. My dad is the man in the kitchen. So I can't say I got it from my momma. 

What were you like growing up as a child?
I have always been enterprising and hands-on; I would hold garage sales in my backyard with my neighbours as my first customers. I also enjoyed creating (food, stories, art...) and loved bringing ideas to something tangible. 

Can you share with us some life lessons you learnt from your mum?

  1. Be humble.
  2. Spend within your means.
  3. Don't waste food. You know how Asian mums like to tell you not to waste food for fear of your future partner having bad complexion?

Do you have any bad habits your mum disapproves of?
She thinks I'm too “dreamy”; her way of saying that I sometimes live in my own world. But maybe that’s typical of creative? Our minds never stop ticking and thinking about the next idea. 

As someone with a discerning food palate, where would you recommend celebrating Mother’s Day at? 

I would recommend Birds of a Feather for Sichuan-inspired dishes in a beautiful space, and Open Farm Community for a farm-to-table dining experience.

For something fancier, there's two Michelin-starred Odette that serves up contemporary French cuisine, and Shinji by Kanesaka for a Michelin sushi omakase experience. For Chinese restaurants, I would take her to Blue Lotus at Sentosa Quayside or Yan Ting at St Regis.

I would recommend Wildseed at The Summerhouse for brunch, and while there, take her to Poppy Flora Studio that is housed within the same vicinity. Pollen is a great choice for a mother-and-daughter high tea session too!

Can you share a Mother’s Day celebration you’ve had with your mum?
Once I prepared Mother's Day breakfast, took her out for lunch, and gave her a bouquet of flowers. Food is definitely a huge part of the plan! 

Final question: gifting jewellery on Mother’s Day — meaningful or total cliché?
I think it's meaningful! Every lady deserves to be gifted beautiful jewellery. Jewellery doesn’t just brighten an outfit, it also lifts moods and starts conversations.

Vickii Ma:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vickiimapage
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vickiima 

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