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Posted on July 2016

At Small Business Saturday column, we are always excited to discover small local brands who share the same beliefs as us and appreciates quality. Shining the spotlight on Rever this month, the brand is founded on the passion for leather crafting and combines modern designs with traditional crafting for the modern day man.

Every product is handcrafted locally by their craftsmen from beginning to end, using materials that are handpicked from our trusted suppliers. On top of an impeccable level of quality control, the client has high autonomy over his product's finishing by having the choice of embossing font, leather type, thread colour or even having certain aspects of our existing products altered to their specifications.

We chatted with the people behind the brand, Sylvester & Vivian, to find out more behind the scenes.



What's the meaning behind the name Rever?


The word Rever is the root word for Reverie, which is of visionary notion and basically stands for a dream. We felt that this associated well with our mission to design products that are conceptualised in one's thoughts, and craft custom pieces that identifies with one's individual character. Also, the word's origin dates back centuries and has a classic undertone, mirroring our use of traditional leather crafting methods to create modern day goods.

What is the most difficult product that you had ever made? And how long did it take to make it?

Surprisingly, our most challenging product wasn't our biggest item, but a compact golf pouch with minimal stitching. It was one of those designs that did not translate entire from design to reality and required a lot of testing on the course itself. Thankfully, our client was a design and leather enthusiast who was eager to be involved in the designing process. The entire process including modification stretched over weeks and a friendship developed as a result!

Tell us about your typical work day.


A full work day usually begins with a trip down to our suppliers to pick out new leathers and specific hardware for our custom goods, while meeting some clients when we are out and about. After which, we will dispatch to concentrate on our main roles; the craftsman fulfils production orders and designing new/custom products and the marketer designs collaterals and seek new business opportunities. At the end of the day, we consolidate our work and coordinate our next move for the business.

We know that you founded the brand last year when you were still in university. What is one advice that you can give to aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself who are afraid to start? 

As young entrepreneurs, we probably would not have the wherewithal to introduce our business or ideas on a large scale. Start small, and leverage on our youth. Learn as much and as quickly as we can and be creative in our approach! The experience is very rewarding.

What's something that you wish people would know about leather?


That leather is one of the rare materials that become nicer with usage. Depending on each user, leather products, especially those with natural tanning processes, will develop a patina that gives the product more character with time.


Who is the most stylist local man-influencer(s) you are stalking on Instagram right now?


Giampaolo Alliata (@Giampaolo_alliata), previously a manager at the renowned Al Bazar Milano and now with Doriani Cashmere. He isn't a local but his name immediately came to mind. Such an elegant man! 

What gifts would you recommend for our customers?

If you travel often, the Henry Passport Holder would come in very handy. Otherwise, our favourite product for everyday use would be the Linus Key Holder, which would organises your keys while preventing them from scratching other possessions. As for their spouses, the Valet Tray is a hot favourite among men. Besides the functionality, these items bring you close to home and would make meaningful gifts for you and your spouse!

Rever will be launching their latest leather & thread range in August to include more colour choices. Be the first 20 to purchase retail/custom goods in the new-in Caviar and Olive oily pull-ups and you’ll be gifted a complimentary ring tag customised with your name.


Instagram: @revergoods