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Posted on October 2016

For this edition of Small Business Saturday, we decided to focus on the cafe scene instead of local labels. We visited this quaint cafe called VXX Co-operative located at 20 Foch Road through the recommendation of a friend.

We spoke to them to learn more of what makes them different, how they started and ordered some dishes for a review. Totally not what we expected, the menu features a mix of ingredients that you wouldn't imagine putting together but yet the combination tastes absolutely delicious. Get this, there's a cauliflower couscous with stewed chicken dish topped with pomegranate seeds and zucchini! /mindblown

When you step in, you feel like you're part of a co-op or community, which is in-line with their name. It feels cosy and somewhere where everyone can come hang out. There's zero airs about the place or the owners despite their use of good quality ingredients and premium coffee. Now with the booming cafe scene and with so many places to try out, we think this one should be in your radar.


Tell us more about VXX Co-operative and how did the name came about?

VXX Co-operative is founded by Joy and Aslam, 2 coffee professionals who are, in their own words, “consumers as much as industry insiders”. 

"VXX" stands for 520, which is the postal code of Simei where Aslam grew up. It really started off as a joke and kind of stuck after. "Co-operative" is really the focus, and we want to be a brand known for its collaboration with leaders of various industries who share our concern for quality. 


How about your coffee?

The coffee selection at VXX is carefully curated by myself and Aslam, and they are some of our absolute favourites. These coffees will always be delicious, and we love them for their clarity and sweetness. Currently, we carry coffees roasted by Koppi from Sweden, Tim Wendelboe from Norway, Cloudcatcher from Malaysia, and Nylon Coffee Roasters from Singapore. All of these roasters share our concern for quality, which really begins at the coffee farm. 

Why did you decide to open at your current location?

We saw the potential in the space. We really liked how the shophouse is divided into 3 sections, which allows us to offer our guests 3 different experiences. We also love how the shophouse retains its old charm, which is carried over from its previous existence as a traditional Chinese physician's clinic. 

We are aware that you are new to the cafe scene, so far, what are your greatest challenges?

Our greatest challenge is breaking the mold and broadening the public's perspective of a cafe experience in an accessible way.

What would you recommend customers who do not prefer coffee to order at your cafe?

You can try our excellent Chinese teas from Tea Chapter, a renown traditional Chinese teahouse, our ultra-refreshing seasonal lemonade, or our personal favourite, an iced 52% Ghanaian chocolate with coconut water. 

Name your top 3 must-try dishes on your food menu for someone who's at VXX Co-operative for the very first time.

The food menu will always be changing, so right now, it's got to be the Bread and Butter Pudding, the English Cottage Pie, and the Teriyaki-Glazed Salmon with Scrambled Eggs on Croissant. 

In Singapore, who are the top food bloggers that you follow on Instagram?

We follow some food bloggers and Instagrammers who are friends we've gotten to know through the coffee industry and over the years, like @jolenekcw, @bakeanything, and @esfps.  

Any last words to our readers?

In the words of Drake, "Pray the real live forever" folks. 



Head on down to VXX Co-operative now for brunch or just to chill. If you are a coffee lover, this place should be on the top of your list! 

You can checkout their food menu here.


Address: 20 Foch Road

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm Weekdays, 9am to 6pm on Weekends