Small Business Saturday: Baker's Well

August 26, 2016 4 min read


As we approach the Mid Autumn Festival there's one thing we must share - Mooncakes!

We picked our favourite local artisan bakery, Baker's Well, to find out more about their journey for this Small Business Saturday. Since 2004, Baker's Well have been a true traditional bakery producing handmade muffins, cookies, breads, cakes and even mooncakes. All these goods have been and are still produced and sold on the same premises today at their bakery and cafe at 35 East Coast Road, in one of the old shop houses.


For the past 13 years, founder Virginia Cheng single-handedly managed everything until her niece, Debby and husband Matthijs, moved back to Singapore from the Netherlands to join her almost 3 years ago.

We got hold of Debby to find out more from her about the bakery amidst the hectic Mid Autumn Festival sale.


Tell us more about how your aunt started on this journey!

Virginia, my aunt, learnt her baking directly from German and Swiss chefs in the earlier days. She combined her knowledge with hand-me-down receipes from her late Nonya Grandmother. Her interest grew into the bakery business that it is today.

What prompted you to move back to Singapore from the Netherlands to help your aunt with Baker's Well?

After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) in the Netherlands, both Matthijs and I saw the potential of the bakery when we came for a holiday to Singapore in the beginning of 2014.

The recipes and products that my aunt Virginia was turning out had and still have the quality. But we as creatives saw that the image of the shop could use a make over to reflect that quality in branding. We took this opportunity to slowly start the rebranding of the existing brand and learn how to manage a family bakery business at the same time.

Virginia was elated for us to join her and we jumped at it. It has been such a great ride since!


Tell us about your typical work day.

  • Cycle or walk to the bakery and arrive at 9am.
  • Check how all our colleagues are doing at bakery cafe.
  • Chat and catch up with customers personally face-to-face. (A big part of the business that Virginia has been running is based on personalised customer service. We know most of our customers on first-name basis)
  • By 11am, I will head upstairs to our office to reply emails and deal with all operations and logistics
  • In the day, the bakery-cafe might need some help with personalised orders such as birthday cakes with special requirements.
  • My typical work day ends at 8 or 9pm


What's the most memorable thing a customer ever told you?

"Thank you for remembering me." and "We’ve seen the transformation of Baker’s Well, and we are so glad to witness it.”


What was the biggest challenge for Baker’s Well and how did you overcome it?

We deal with challenges on a daily basis big or small and we see them all as opportunities to learn, grow and improve ourself.

What do you think differentiates Baker's Well from the other local artisan bakeries? 

All our products are made from scratch on the premises. We do not have a central kitchen that distributes to our outlet. If some of our products are sold out we can always tell our customers to give us some time to produce fresh ones for them. Our customers can also give us a call to reserve breads or pasty's to be picked up later during the day. We see that the way we treat and handle our customers in the shop is very important. We try to create the feeling of a true Neighbourhood Bakery. We offer a very personalised approach and service.

What is the next milestone that you hope the brand can achieve?

Bring more awareness in our local market with our brand and move towards a lifestyle brand. Another important factor is to expand and still stay personal, to never commercialise in a way we can’t recognise ourselves.

Who are the top food influencers/stylists/bakers you are stalking on Instagram right now? 

We are crazy over Copenhagen based @leckerbaerbaked goods and Japan based @uneclef Bakery.



Which product would you recommend for our customers who are afraid to put on weight from eating baked goods?

Everything that we offer is towards a healthy receipe with reduced sugar or using raw sugar (some products)

No.1 “MUST-TRYS” : Healthy almond Pillows (no butter, no eggs),  Pineapple Tarts and Lychee Cookies (eggless)

Great pastry: Almond Croissants using home made almond paste inside and out, Apple Crumble and one of hottest sellers our Banana Cake (No butter No banana essence and we use raw sugar that gives it it's nice brown colour )

Seasonal “MUST-TRY”: Yuzu Snowskin mooncake, Champagne Snowskin Mooncake and new and spicy flavour Chilli Snowskin Mooncake which was featured on The Sunday Times Life! food section.

Don't miss out on Baker's Well mooncake this Mid-Autumn Festival! They are currently retailing at 5 locations:

  1. OUR SHOP: 35 East Coast Road, Singapore 428754 (till 15/9/16
  2. Roadshow: Takashimaya B2 Atrium (till 15/9/16)
  3. Roadshow: Vivocity Atrium (till 14/9/16)
  4. Roadshow:NEX Serangoon (29/8/16 - 15/9/16)
  5. Roadshow:Tampines Mall (31/8/16 - 14/9/16)

Head down to purchase any box of moon cakes with 15% off the bill at their East Coast shop and 10% at the other locations - Ends 31/8/16


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