Sipping Tea with Kryzzzie

October 29, 2018 2 min read

We've recently worked with Krystle Uy, also known as @Kryzzzie on Instagram on a special capsule collection together. We drew inspiration from Kryz's love for travel and nature as well as some mantras she lives by. 

We had a quick catchup with Kryz. Read more below.


Q1. Hi Kryz, we know you as one of the top influencers from the Philippines and we would say, Asia. Let’s go back to the start. What was it like growing up in the Philippines?

Growing up in the Philippines made me very close to nature. I grew up beside the mountains and the beach and would spend as much time as I could by these 2 places. It wasn’t about having the best toys or wearing the nicest shoes. It was all about who had the most fun over the summer!

Q2. You started blogging in 2009 (same as us!) and it has been 9 years so far. How has your journey as a content creator changed throughout the years? 

We all know the online world changes every single second and as online creators, we have to change and adapt to these trends in order to stay current. I’ve found that the best way is just to roll with it and be as authentic as possible. My audience has grown with me and they are experiencing life and these changes with me as well. It’s all very organic.

Q3. How do you get inspiration to create new content for your channel or Instagram? Does it ever get difficult?

Honestly, I just try to be as real as possible. When I’m feeling down, I will talk about it. When I have a trip coming up, I talk about it. When I discover a new beauty product, I share it. Just like how you would to your best friend or sister. And in doing so, I guess I never really run out of things to talk about!

Q4. You’re based in Cebu City now, any top recommendations for things to do or haunts we should go to if we ever visit Cebu?

If you are an adventure junky, try Canyoneering at Badian to Kawasan Falls. If you love to relax, I recommend Chi Spa at The Shangri-la Mactan. And for food, my favourite Italian place is Tavolata!

Q5. We reached out to you in June with this idea to work on a capsule collection together. Now that the collection has launched, what are your thoughts about the pieces? Is it how you thought it would turn out to be?

It's better than I imagined, to be honest. I was so overwhelmed when I received the pieces. The quality is amazing and the designs turned out phenomenally!

Q6. Lastly, do you plan to visit Singapore anytime soon? :)

Yes! I’m heading over first thing next year! Can’t wait to EAT everything!!!


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