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Posted on July 2017

Behind every piece of By Invite Only jewellery, is our crafter Hanisah who has devoted her time into making each piece perfect and durable. She has been working with us for 3 years now and we have recently promoted her to be our in-house jewellery designer as well. 

Together with our brand owner Trixie, Hanisah now has a hand in creating new exciting designs we launch online. Here's our design process...

1. First we research and then we sketch

We do our due diligence by seeing what's out there in the market. We also look to past designs for inspiration. After 8 years, we roughly know what works and which designs won't. Often we balance between pushing boundaries and playing it safe. We always want to introduce a new mix of designs or gemstones without making a loss. That's always a challenge! 


2. Sampling

After a round of discussions, we start sampling. Some designs are sure hits and we simply push those through to production. Others, not so much. 

We transform our designs and sketches into real pieces and start trying them on. We check for how it sits, how it moves, if it would hinder our customer's movements and what not. We like to be thorough so sometimes we bring them into showers and pools just to prove it sticks.

3. Next, we shop

With semi-precious stones as our focus, we often shop for the latest gemstones and crystals available in the market and get them cut and customized to our specifications. 

All of our hardware comes from South Korea because of their quality and competitive price points. We order in any chain or findings we require and have them coated with an anti-tarnishing layer making our pieces more resistant to the harsh humidity of Singapore. 

4. Production

We always start with a small batch of 30 to 50 pieces. We never mass produce and always work to create on demand so we reduce wastage. Sometimes, the materials we get are not always available so we can't always restock the designs that have run out. 

To date, Hanisah still crafts all of our pieces in-house and she can make about 50 to 100 pieces a day. 

5. We shoot, style and it's up online! 

This is the fun part! Our brand owner Trixie continues to shoot all jewellery and most of our model shoots in our studio. Products are then uploaded online. We then watch the magic happen and continue to market our pieces on social media. 


6. Repeat

Not every design process is the same because we try to always let life surprise us. Sometimes designs are suggested by suppliers or it just comes to us while we sit on the porcelain throne. You never know when inspiration hits.

Nonetheless, we continue to keep most of our pieces crafted in-house so we can let our inner control freak flag fly. This also lets us customize length and sizes directly for our customers online.