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Mother's Day interview II with Marie Soh

May 08, 2018 4 min read

Our go to make up artist, Marie Soh, shares with us how her life has changed after welcoming her bundle of joy, Gwyneth and setting up her make up brand, Inga Cosmetics. 


Hi Marie! Can you tell us more about yourself?

I'm a nurse turned make-up artist. I learned most of my skills on YouTube back in the day and fell in love with makeup when I realised how it could turn a little nerdy girl into someone gorgeous and stunning! I've always felt that I was quite different from people when I was growing up and I liked different things but I always tried to fit in. 

My definition of beauty was very different from my peers and family. It was only when I grew up a little more that I realised I didn't have to pretend to like what everyone else liked. I could be myself. I'm pretty outspoken, bold in my choices and decisions in life. I also never take no for an answer. I want to be superwoman, do everything and achieve more than I set out to!


Marie wears the Rose Gold Moonstone Olivia Necklace, S$58 

and the Rose Gold Dainty Pearl Bracelet, S$42.


What are the most rewarding things about being a mom? 

Being in bed at 1 am when everyone is asleep and being surrounded by the 2 most important people to me, my husband and my daughter sleeping peacefully. (When they are awake it's a different feeling, haha)


And what would you say are the most challenging?

Finding the balance between being yourself, maintaining sanity, chasing your dreams and also being a good mom and wife, taking care of the home, remembering vaccination appointments, where my husband put the car keys, and everything in-between! 
How do you cope or overcome these challenges?

After overcoming postnatal depression, I've learned that I can't do everything and that I should ask for help or accept it when needed! Also, to take time to focus on myself and my own mental well-being. 

Marie wears the Gold Athena Opal Earrings, S$55 and the Rose Gold Dainty Pearl Bracelet, S$42.


Other than being a mom, you’re a jet-setting makeup artist, a beauty consultant for Johnson & Johnson as well as running your makeup label Inga Cosmetics. How has work changed for you after having Gwyneth?

Oh, I now change diapers between emails, take into consideration her nap times and accommodating her ever-changing feeding and sleeping schedules! I also try to rush home after or between work. If possible, I try to get clients to come to me so I can cut out travel time. 


Let’s rewind to the beginning, what made you start Inga Cosmetics?

I always found it challenging to find lipsticks suitable for our south-east asian skin tones, and also products that last in our hot, humid weather. This inspired me to solve my own problems (being a total problem solver myself)! My initial plan was to launch a makeup line on my 30th birthday but I decided why not now? So I kick-started my journey as a makeup brand founder! 


What would you say is the key thing or things that set your lipsticks apart from others in the market right now? 

My lipsticks are formulated to last in hot and humid weather. I've 'laksa-tested' my lipsticks and they hold up pretty ok! Also, I picked colours suitable for our south-east asian skin tones. From half-angmo to our lovely chocolate-skinned ladies, Inga's got you covered! The lipsticks may have a matte finish but they're creamy and doesn't dry out the lips!


Do you have any tips for mothers on how to juggle motherhood, their family life, and their career?

Take it easy and one day at a time. As long as the house is not on fire and the baby is safe, it's a wonderful day! Don't take everything too seriously and enjoy each moment as it passes in a blink of an eye. Schedule time for yourself, for your partner, the family and for work. I think being flexible about things also helps. I told myself I would take it easy with work this year to spend more time with Baby G and the family, but it all turned upside down when I was offered the role of a beauty consultant for Acuvue Define. I had to fly quite a bit in the past few months! But hey, it was too good an opportunity to turn down so I just went with it! 


What’s your take on discipline with regards to your child?

Well, I'll be the mom who hangs a cane in clear view at home and won't be afraid to use it! Spare the rod, spoil the child! I will not allow a spoilt brat to be bred under my watch! 



Marie wears the Rose Gold Dainty Pearl Bracelet, S$42 and the Rose Gold Olivia Moonstone Necklace, S$58.

Do you have any tips for keeping the romance alive in a relationship?

Just remember who you were pre-baby! Having a baby does take the romance and sexiness of being a couple right out the window and run over by a 16-wheeler trailer, but little things like remembering to la-chi(french-kiss) or sending a naughty text in the middle of the workday helps. I also occasionally tell my husband 'WE NEED TO HAVE SEX PLEASE'. HAHAHA! Totally crude, but he will say 'Ok love!'! HAHA! 



Complete these sentences:


  • I wish I have more time for…. EVERYTHING! 
  • I always feel better after…. I escape baby-duty to take time off for myself!
  • I promise to not be so hard on myself for… the sake of my sanity!
  • My favourite moment of the day is… when I come home to my smiling baby who is so excited to see me, even if I just went to fetch the mail from the mailbox downstairs! 

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