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Posted on June 2016


With Fathers' Day fast approaching, are you scratching your head on what to get for dearest Daddy? Enter ITALIC & BOLD, the multi-label online boutique specialising in sophisticatedly designed gifts for the modern men and women. Fun yet functional, the products that ITALIC & BOLD stocks speaks nothing but class. Their focus is not on goods that rise and fade with trend, but rather classic makes that are designed to last a long long time.

We met up with Elsie and Tina, the faces behind the multi-label store, to find out more about how guys can dress up fashionably and take a look at their top selling products! Read on for some Father's Day gift inspiration (and special discount).

What inspired you to start ITALIC & BOLD?

Travel! Tina and I have always been attracted by simple, intuitive, and thoughtfully designed products. During one of our trips to Bangkok, we had the privilege of meeting Anek, one of the founders/ design director behind labrador, a popular Thai label that produces recycled leather goods and eco-friendly stationery. He inspired us with his design philosophy - high quality reduces consumerism. This got us thinking about how we could work with these amazingly talented young designers we were meeting at fairs across Bangkok who were crafting well-made products at affordable prices. That was a huge takeaway for us and a message we wanted ITALIC & BOLD to convey.

What’s it like being a local multi-label online store? Any challenges?

For the most part, it has been pretty exciting (the perks of ‘shopping’ for products to bring in) and rewarding (getting to know the people behind every brand we carry who always have a great story to share). At the start, we were also pleasantly surprised to discover many Singaporeans who appreciated a good story behind a product, for instance how it was made, the design inspiration, and the reason behind the little details.

Of course, there were also times where we were tearing our hair out figuring ways to drive traffic to our website, managing our cash flow (we stand by the belief of having products in stock and shipping them out within 2 working days), and amongst all the operational worries, to build an offline presence to interact with our customers.

Some people say that Singaporean guys do not dress up, what is your take?

I have to admit I used to feel the same way (sorry guys). But things have definitely changed; right now we have an almost equal ratio of male to female customers. Looking at the growing number of bespoke tailors in Singapore, I’m pretty sure it’s a sign that Singaporean guys have upped their game.

What advice would you give a guy who doesn’t wear accessories or jewelry? And what accessories from your store would you recommend?

Start with something subtle, a piece that pairs well with your favourite watch; nothing you can’t wear on a work day that would also take you through the weekends. We recommend the Imperial United Curve Bracelet to start, and when you’re ready you can easily get more to stack.

Imperial United Curve Bracelet available in Black and Silver (S$85)

What’s one thing you never want to see a man wearing?

A Deep V Neck T-shirt

Who is/are the most stylish local man-fluencer(s) are you stalking on Instagram right now?

@plongin. I’m a huge fan of shoes, especially sneakers, so I always pause for a second look when his images turn up on my Instagram feed.

What gifts would you recommend for our customers to get for their partner/spouse or Dad? Show us some of your favourite products!


Our collection of whisky flasks by Izola are always a hit with the ladies when they’re looking for gifts for their partners/spouse. It’s unexpected and the witty captions always get them smiling – it’s a great conversation starter! We also have something special for the dads this Father’s Day – the ‘No one can replace my father’s shoes’ Shoe Horn by Izola.

Whiskey Flasks available in 3oz (S$46) and 5oz ($52)

No One Can Fill My Father's Shoes Shoe Horn (S$42)

Lastly, which restaurant/cafe/eatery would you recommend our readers to bring their dad or spouse for a wonderful Father’s Day night out?

National Kitchen by Violet Oon! They serve the kind of comfort food we think most dads will get nostalgic over and it checks off all our expectations when it comes to dining out – cozy atmosphere, delicious food, and attentive service. If your dad or spouse loves good ol’ traditional kopi and kaya toast, we highly recommend the brunch menu at its Bukit Timah outpost.

Thank you for your time, Elsie and Tina! If you can't get enough of the stylish goods that you saw, do check out ITALIC & BOLD website for more amazing finds and enjoy a S$10 off your first order. Simply click this link to join their mailing list: and you will receive a special discount code. Shop away!

Instagram: @italicandbold