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Posted on April 2016

Human & Dog. Fun & Love. Hand & Made.

Our furry friends make the best companions at times when we are happy, sad or simply need a listening ear (they doesn't spill your secrets nor judge you for what you say). So on 11th April every year, National Pet Day is celebrated as a day to appreciate these little ones. As pet owners ourselves, we know how dog or cat parents want to give the best to their furkids, that's why we want to share with you one of our favourite Singapore-based pet clothing brand - Ohpopdog!

Inspired by small details that surround us daily, Ohpopdog seeks to explore the magnitude and beauty of little things. The material and textile of each piece created is handpicked and definitely friendly for the hot and humid weather in Singapore. Combining style and creativity, their clothes are functional with a touch of chic. Did we mention that they have an adorable french bulldog who is their model? 

We talk to Geraldine and Zee from Ohpopdog to find out about their brand and of course, to meet their frenchie Bacon!


Tell us more about your dog Bacon! Did she inspire you to start your business? If not, tell us how you started.

Geraldine: Many people asked us if we got our dog or Ohpopdog first, as the logo is a bulldog with its tongue sticking out. When we first started Ohpopdog, we didn't have Bacon yet. It is only when our customers start mentioning, then we realised that she also has her tongue hanging out. A lot of people think that the logo is a drawing of Bacon, but it actually isn't.

Zee: The dog café we went to inspired us to design our own clothes for dogs, because we realised that if we had dogs, we would not have liked what were offered in the market.

Geraldine (left), Zee (right) with Bacon

What’s one thing a customer said to you that stuck in your mind?

G & Z: We do receive encouragement, saying that we have good materials and nice designs. This is definitely something that keeps us going and also motivates us.

Some people think that dressing up your pet(s) could be harmful (referring to What would you say to these people if you came face to face with them? 

G: I do believe that everyone have their own opinion on whether clothing is harmful. I am lucky to say that we have not really come face to face with them yet. We do have people buying it because their pet is having rashes (skin problem) and clothing will prevent them from scratching the wound and aggravating it further.

Z: We also have customers who buy for their pets for hygiene purposes as it helps to reduce scattering of fur when they bring their pets to visit friends' homes or when their shedding season is here. That's also what we do at home when Bacon is shedding.

Name one challenge you're trying to overcome or have overcame with the brand.

G & Z: The most prominent challenge we feel as designers for the brand is how we have to constantly improvise to ensure that the collection is better than the previous one. Same goes for photoshoots.

What advice would you give customers of By Invite Only™ who are thinking of getting or adopting a pet? 

G & Z: There is a saying “They might only be here a part of our lives, but to them you are their whole life”. If you want to adopt or have a dog, make sure you have the time and care for them.

What is the most outrageous pet accessory or clothing you have seen?

G & Z: To be honest, none so far!

Which celebrity pets do you follow on Instagram?

Top left to right: Holy (@holythepug), Sam & Pecan (@samforest_loolim)
, Latte (@thevanillapup)
Bottom left to right: Remix (@remixthedog), Homer (@homerpugalicious), 
Garçon & Manzo (@lostintechnicolor)

Trivia: Do you know that Sam is Starhub's new Sparky?

Where can we shop Oh Pop Dog in Singapore?

You can shop for Ohpopdog at various places:

Bubbly Petz, The Little Dröm Store, Mondays Off, a
nd of course, at our online store too!

Any parting quote or advice you’d like to share with your readers?

G & Z: From The Letter J Supply, “Remember why you started”.


If you are keen to dress up your pet too, check out Ohpopdog's special pop-up at Public Garden Consumer Trade Show happening on 23-24th April 2016, at Suntec Convention Hall 403. If you're lucky, you might just spot Bacon, the lil cashier of the day! PS: We'll be at Public Garden too!
Check out Ohpopdog here:
Instagram: @ohpopdog