Small Business Saturday: honey&gazelle

Small Business Saturday feature of honey&gazelle, a Singapore-based design studio.
Posted on April 2017

Birthstones: What do they mean?

Bringing more crystal awareness this month we have created a chart just for you to decipher your birthstone and it's meaning! There's this belief that each stone corresponds with each user based on the month they are born in with it's properties being synonymous and amplified as a result. 

Read more about your birthstone here.

Posted on March 2017

Small Business Saturday features VXX Co-operative

For this edition of Small Business Saturday, we decided to focus on the cafe scene instead of local labels. We visited this quaint cafe called VXX Co-operative located at 20 Foch Road through the recommendation of a friend.
Posted on October 2016

Small Business Saturday: Baker's Well

As we approach Mid Autumn Festival, the second most important festival to Chinese after the Lunar New Year, there's one thing that we must share - Mooncakes! Mooncakes are traditional Chinese pastries eaten to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Posted on August 2016

August Stone Talk: Pyrite

Pyrite is often called “Fool’s Gold”, as some would mistake its glittering sturface as real gold. Although similar in hue, Pyrite is lighter in colour than Gold. It is also harder and cannot be scratched with a fingernail or knife.
Posted on August 2016

Small Business Saturday: Rever

At Small Business Saturday column, we are always excited to discover small local brands who share the same beliefs as us and appreciates quality.
Posted on July 2016

July Stone Talk: Onyx

Onyx is a traditional birthstone for July, and is the ancient July birthstone dating back to the old Roman, Italian and Hebrew calendar. Before the gemstone materialized in... Read more.
Posted on July 2016

Small Business Saturday: ITALIC & BOLD

With Fathers' Day fast approaching, are you scratching your head on what to get for dearest Daddy? Enter ITALIC & BOLD... Read more.
Posted on June 2016

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